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December 29 2017

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Health care costs are skyrocketing out of control, there is a current shortage of nurses, and donors are becoming scarce. Many hospitals and clinics, especially those in small towns, are struggling to retain professionals and attract patients. The best way to improve the situation is to receive higher satisfaction ratings from patients. High ratings have more benefits than most people realize.


Improving Hospital to Patient Satisfaction is a priority due to the wealth of residual benefits that accompany a high rating. The most obvious benefit is attracting patients. An excellent reputation in the community is vital for hospitals. Emergencies do not account for the vast majority of income. Elected procedures, diagnostic testing, non-emergency surgeries, and overnight stays contribute the most to the operating budget of a hospital.

Patients have a choice of where to go for these types of services. If the hospital in their hometown is mediocre, they can simply go to the hospital in the next town, or seek out a larger medical center somewhere else in the state. Hospital to Patient Satisfaction is paramount to the future survival of many facilities.

Attracting Professionals

Another benefit of high satisfaction ratings is the ability to attract doctors, nurses, and administrators. These professionals can pick and choose where they work because of shortages in medical professions. No experienced doctor will accept a position from a hospital with a low Doctor to Patient Satisfaction rate. A case can probably be made by the facility that a low rate will improve with better doctors, but that may not be enough to persuade top-ranked professionals.

The Nurse to Patient Satisfaction may have the same effect on attracting new nurses to the facility. Having an improvement plan in place may help convince some nurses to at least take positions for a three-month trial period. If the solution works, nurses and doctors may decide to stay longer.

One Simple Solution

An easy to use application with to separate components can connect professionals with each other and with patients to increase communication and improve service delivery. The EASE component is for patients to download on their mobile devices. The free platform allows them to receive updates, test results, and answers to questions by the doctor or nurse. Pictures can also be sent and received. The EASE MD application is for professionals to download on mobile devices. The facility covers the costs of the application, but the increase in satisfaction rates will provide a high return on the investment.

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